Additional facilities of the University of Valencia

Our team has access to common research facilities of the University of Valencia, such as DNA and protein sequencers, electron microscopes, and library services including relevant databases and information services (Web of Science, Science Citation Index, Medline, Current Contents and CABI Abstracts) and online access to over 4,000 scientific journals.


In particular, the Marine Zoology Unit shares its accommodation with one of the most significant facilities in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, the pilot Experimental Aquaculture Plant managed by the University of Valencia’s Central Support Service to Experimental Research. This aquaculture plant occupies 500 m2 and is designed in three contiguous areas, each containing different types of tanks and a modular system for water treatment. The whole facility possesses sources of hot and cold water, seawater, chlorine-free freshwater and de-ionized water, a centralized water-recycling circuit, and a system for the treatment, filtering and sterilization of sewage. This singular facility is intended to cater for the R&D needs of both academia and industry.